WordPress 3.2 New Dashboard Layout (Codenamed: Gershwin)

Ok so just recently there was a new update to WordPress on July 4th and I only just found out about this logging into the Dashboard lol.

Anyway the new Layout which you can take a look at below looks amazing it’s “New” it’s “Fresh” and simple Looks Amazing

I have been using WordPress for a very long time now and have come to know the iner workings of WordPress over the years and love just how simple it is to use and setup and keep running.

Updates are seamless meaning they install so easily (although some server environments kill this for many users) which makes keeping “Security Updates” easy to stay in tune with.

Anyway what are your thoughts on the new layout this is an example of my Blog right now but the creators of WordPress have a better one lol take a look.

Oh before I forget for all the information regarding this update please visit http://wordpress.org/news/2011/07/gershwin/

Wordpress 3.2 New Layout

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