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For those of you who know about Visual Voicemail on Vodafone and just how long the Telstra customers have been asking and wanting Visual Voicemail… Well now it is available on Telstra it has been available for the past day or so and is available for $5 per month on top of you current bill.

So if you are on the $49 cap it will cost $54 per month and so on for the $79, $99 and $129 caps.

It’s a great way to save time having to call up Message Bank 101 it’s all there downloaded to your iPhone ready to listen without the need to listen to every message just to get the one you need to hear and call back quickly.

The extra $5 per month is a bit over the top especially if you pay for the $79, $99 and $129 caps the others like the $49 and $29 I would expect this.

All in all I have it now just rang up Telstra on 125 111 and asked about it and as soon as I got off the phone Visual Voicemail was already raring to go didn’t have to wait the 24 hours or 30 mins for it to become active it was ready right away..

Funnily enough when I rang up about it to inquire about it the girl I had spoken to said I was the first person to actually call up about it but I think she meant to say I was the first person she had spoken to about it since she got all the paperwork about it yesterday.

If you are game enough and want to manage your voicemail without having to call 101 then go for it you will enjoy the freedom of not having to listen to every new message you can select the one you want and listen to that first and then the rest.

Call up Telstra on 125 111 and say Customer Service (after confirming your number) to be directed to the Customer Support Team and ask them about having it turned on.

Comments are welcome.. What are your thoughts about Visual Voicemail and the cost per month should it be free or should everyone have to pay or just the lower paying caps.

Here is a picture of the Visual Voicemail

2 thoughts on “Telstra: Visual Voicemail

  1. It’s pretty sweet. I got it activated on my wife’s and mine today. So much better then old school voicemail.

  2. Yes have to agree better then having to call back and see what messages are there and have to listen to everyone of them!! Love i can choose which ones i want to listen to first.

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