Something Network (Cell) Companies Don’t Tell You

As we all know we have Data Usage with our providers like Telstra, Vodafone, Optus etc there is one thing they don’t tell you when signing up to there plans that have certain amount of “Data Usage” per month.

What they don’t tell you and I feel very strongly they should warn you about is the fact of which how your “Data Usage” is used.

Lets say you signup to a plan and that plan gives you 2GB of usage per month.

What they don’t tell you is that “Data” is in “Both Directions” which means “Downloads” and “Uploads“.

So for instance as above you get 2GB of Data per month and you download 1GB of data and Upload 250MB of data for that month your total usage is 1.25GB.

There is a couple of ways you can monitor your usage. One app I use is called DataMan which runs in the background and monitors both your Upload and Download data usage and warns you when you hit a specific amount during your billing period.

You can also check your usage on your iPhone by going into Settings – General – Usage – Cellular Usage (iPhone 5.0 users will need to scroll to bottom) this will tell you under Cellular Network Data the Sent and Received which is Upload and Download.

You can reset these statistics by pressing Reset Statistics (It will ask you “Do you want to reset your usage statistics – Reset Statistics)

Also you can check on your Providers website for usage.

Just a warning to make sure you check every so often to keep track of things or look forward to a hefty phone bill.

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