Quadlock Phone Case

If you are looking for a protective case with heaps of options like me you will love the Quadlock Case for your Phone.

I am someone who likes to make sure that his phone is Secure and Safe. The one thing I really like is that the inside is lined with felt so it’s not so harsh on the back of your phone like some cases are.

Quadlock Case is one such product that does just that and so much more.

With the Quadlock Case not only is your Phone Protected very well you have so many different mounting options available as well. And the best thing about it is that you don’t have to change cases to use each mount it’s Universal!!! meaning it works with all the mounting hardware with the one case :).

Available Kits

1. Windscreen Kit* (I have this one)
2. Run Kit*
3. Bike Kit* (I have this as well. Comes with a Poncho to keep Phone safe in the rain in case it rains while riding)
4. Capture Kit* (I would like to get this soon :D)
5. Case Only**

* All these kits come with everything you need.
** Only needed if you have the Universal Mount already.

If you already have some of or all of the mounts above and you decide to upgrade to a newer phone then you will need to get the New Case for that phone. For me I got the iPhone 6 so I needed to upgrade to the New Case they come out with.

Available Mounting Options

Bike Mount*
Sports Armband*
Car Mount*
Adhesive Mount*
Tripod Adaptor*
Belt Clip*
Universal Adaptor**

* If you already have the QuadLock Case and want more mounting options
** Great if you have a phone that is not yet supported by QuadLock Cases and have a phone or case that has a Flat Back, that or you can attach it to the wall perhaps so many options available.

I have fallen in love my iPhone 6 case from the moment it was attached to my phone it feels great in the hand it doesn’t add a lot of extra weight to the phone which is great so it’s light weight and because I already have a couple of the mounting options it has been great knowing that I don’t have to try and purchase multiple mounting options for my Car and Pushbike this has sorted it all out.

In all honesty this case has surpassed all my expectations for a case with a huge range of mounting options and would HIGHLY! recommend it to anyone and would definitely give 10/10 not only because of the case itself but the huge range of ways to mount your phone.

QuadLock Case currently supports the following phones

iPhone 4/4S
iPhone 5/5S/5C
iPhone 6/6 Plus
Galaxy S4/S5

Other options are also available with the Universal Mount.

They also has a universal mount for those of you with Phones not yet supported with a case for your phone 🙂

Check them out at http://quadlockcase.com

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