Golden Years (Of Technology) lol

Was kinda bored so I decided to rummage through some oooooooooold photos and other odd stuff I haven’t looked at in years and come across my computers hardware that I use to run donkeys years ago lol so here they are lol the specs of one of my very first machines haha lol…

Case: Standard AOpen
PSU: Codegen 300Watt
CPU: Intel Celeron 900Mhz
RAM: 640MB – 64MB Shared
Video: SiS 630ET (Onboard)
HD1: Seagate 120Gig ATA100 8MB Cache
HD2: Seagate 40Gig ATA100 2MB Cache
DVD-Rom: Pioneer 16x
CD-RW: LiteOn 52x24x52
Printer: Canon S100SP Bubble Jet

I still remember the old beast hahaha lol mean this is going back so far haha the memories lol

Photo’s anyone I have them right here haha lol


I worked for Big Brother when it first come out hence the Big Brother armband stuck to the front of the case lol.

PC_Inside PC_Screen_Etc

1FaceWatch – Red Cross



1FaceWatch is a group of amazing people who brought an idea together to help those in need of Food, Water, Aids Treatment, Environment, Education, Breast Cancer & Cancer Support.

I purchased the one for Cancer and it goes towards helping patients who are receiving Cancer Support and it was awesome to be apart of the first group to get the watch when they were first released and to help those who need it.

They recently brought out a Red Cross version that the proceeds towards the watch go towards supplying food for 3 people hurt hard by the Typhoon that hit the Philippines on the 8th of October which is really nice.

Who:Red Cross.
What:The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies.
Why:To provide urgent disaster relief to the Philippines in response to Typhoon Haiyan.

Take a look at and offer your support towards this amazing cause.

Facebook: New feature

Well this was not on facebook when I was online earlier this morning and so when I arrived home I find this New Feature that is pretty cool but hmmmm

It’s a randomly cool idea but some how I don’t think people will like the idea of everyone knowing if they are on Mobile or Web however if I do recall if you placed the mouse over there name it would tell you either 1. Web or 2. Mobile.

Time when Last Online or Online / Mobile or Web

Gives you who is online with the usual Green Dot however what is new is it now tells who is on the Web Interface, Mobile or How Long Ago They Were Online…

Some how I don’t think a lot of people are going to like that the How Long Ago They Were Online has been there for some time but the Web and Mobile was not.

What does everyone think of this?

Earthquake Hit When On Holiday


Come here to the Philippines to enjoy a Holiday and staying at the Hotel we come down for breakfast.

After about 10-15 minutes the entire Hotel started to shake like crazy so we all ran out the door into the street and 30 seconds later after that it had stopped everyone almost outside but people were shaking and scared from what happened one poor girl was in the shower when it hit.

I have uploaded some photos to my Facebook you might have to be signed in to see them but yea it’s crazy.

Bohol in the Philippines was where it was hit the worst which isn’t good from what I am hearing a house collapsed and killed everyone inside which is sad to hear 🙁