Loot Crate

I signed up to Loot Crate a while ago now and it has been great fun opening up to see some awesome surprises like t-shirts, figurines etc.

Loot Crate is for the Geeks and Gamers alike and you will have fun getting into the box and seeing what awesome stuff you get.

Ok so I thought I would post what I got in my Loot Crate Box and here it is…

Item 1 – LootCrate Official Member Card (WooHoo)
Item 2 – Badge saying Loot Crate May 2014 – Adventure
Item 3 – Adventure Time Figurine (Jake) in a Adventure Time Tin (Lumpy Space Princess)
Item 4 – Markiplier Tattoos
Item 5 – Captain Sparkles Stickers
Item 6 – Mincraft Figurine (Cow haha lol)
Item 7 – Markiplier Curator Sticker Set
Item 7 – A t-Shirt that looks like Zelda on it with all sorts of words
Item 8 – A CD called Friends Zone which is kinda funny given it’s title lol

I will add some photos of everything that I got woohoo can’t wait to see what comes in next months Loot Crate

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