iOS 5 Beta 2 and Windows 7 Glitch?

We all know that Apple is bring out iOS 5 very soon (No i don’t know the date) however it is still in Beta stage (Beta 2) and I have to admit I am loving iOS 5 Beta 2 it really gives you a good look into what Apple has been working on for the past couple of months I am really impressed with some awesome implementations that have been added.

However there is a very strange thing going on when my iPhone 4 is connected to my PC running Windows 7 Pro and this is something that has only just showed it funny head today.

Below is a screen shot of Windows 7 explorer looking at the iPhone 4 Internal Storage it claims there is just a little over 40GB of space which is really odd because it’s only a 32GD iPhone.

iOS 5 & Windows 7 Glitch






This is a picture of iTunes 10.5 Beta 2 also which reports that the iPhone 4 indeed only has 28.32GB of storage (32GB)

iTunes Reports Normally


So this is a very odd thing to see happening it would likely be a glitch in the iOS 5 Beta firmware or it could very well be a show and tell that maybe a 64GB iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S is coming out this is only speculation but who knows till Apple tells us what is happening it’s all up in the air at this stage.

Has this happening to you post a comment below.

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