How Good GOD Is

I’ll first start off with a few testimonies that have really had a huge impact on my life

Since I was Six years old I have been a Christian and this was really confirmed for me while at GO Conference in 2005 when I explained to a friend of mine I have been a Christian since I was six years old and when going through the Tunnel Of Fire for Prayer someone said God has known you as a Christian since you were 6 years old and I at this time was thinking is this Kristian but the voice did not sound like his at all and so for me it was confirmation that now 21 years I have been a Christian.

Ever since I have been a Christian I have been through some really bad situations which have been a real testament to how God has really been looking out and looking after me.

When I was in grade 3 I was riding to school with a friend of mine and so I was on the left side of the road and my friend on the right and so I tried to cross to the other side and in doing this when it all happened I couldn’t stop I keep on hearing horns going off and screeching tires and a few seconds later while unable to stop from the path I was going I was hit by a car and completely knocked out cold. From there I remember waking up to seeing another car come up the road at about 60k an hour or there about wasn’t sure on the actual speed however I woke up and seen this car coming towards me don’t remember what I was thinking at the time but she come so close to running me over and at the age I was it could have been seriously fatal. I was then taken into a ladies house and looking at what had happened my face was fairly scratched up and so I cried thinking I don’t want to get stitches they hurt and I remember to this day seeing 2 ambulances and two fire trucks turn up to the accident thank goodness no one else was hurt.

To me God was really looking out for me and so He sent His angels to watch over me and make sure nothing extremely horrifying happened. Also to me it was like the Devil trying to take me out early because the devil know’s God has huge plans for my life and the devil doesn’t like that because it comes again the devil and he don’t like it one bit.

The second is not too long ago when I had a head on collision with a power poll. I don’t blame anyone because I was really tired and so I worked myself over time to get some things done I know could have waited to be completed but I wanted it done really quick and no down time.

I was heading on my way back to Church to replace some lights thinking pull over get some sleep before you go on and I just pushed through and thought no I need to get this done now I don’t have that much time to waist and so I went through a round about and to this day don’t even remember going through the round about. I veered off the road and hit the gutter waking up to what had happened and a split second later smashed into the the power poll at about 60k an hour and I think it would have been 5 seconds or sooner I come to it and my first thought come to mind NO! thinking I have hit someone or another car but when I come to it a sudden calmness come to me looking at the poll I was thanking God it was not a person or a car that I had hit. I went through the car getting things out like the car stereo, phone, and other things looked at the back seat and it was been ripped apart from the 25+ KG toolbox that come smashing right through the back seat and right into the back of my seat which would explain the huge bruises on my knee and thigh also having a sore neck after a little while, I also found the gear shift had been completely ripped apart (the gear knob for changing gears) no idea how that happened only a slight scratch on my arm but nothing to indicate what caused it to be so badly damaged.

For me I know God was watching over me and protecting me form serious harm because having a 25+ KG toolbox smash you right in the back of the seat it could have been seriously damaging to me possibly being paralyzed which would not have been much fun at all.

To this day I know that God was really looking after me having His Angels protecting me and so I am truly thankful for God and Jesus with the amazing Holy Spirit that I have had in my life for the past 21 years I’ve been a Christian. I really thank my Dad Neville who asked me if I wanted to give me heart to Jesus Christ and I remember to his day my dad asking me that very question and so I am so greatful and thankful that he took the time to speak into my life and he has over the year my Dad has been the most amazing Dad I could ever have including God of course He made me in His amazing image.

This is only the start to how awesome God really is!! More to come

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