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I got a little bored sitting at the computer and thought to myself I would post a little review about an App called DataMan and so here I go haha lol..

DataMan is an App for the iPhone that allows you to track your “Data Usage” so for instance you travel between Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Sydney to Melbourne it tracks every time your iPhone has a “Data Connection” or “Download” of Data or change of “Towers” so it allows you to keep a log of where you have been like the “City” or “Town” this way you can see where the “Data” has been downloaded from.

I have been using the App for some time now and it has allowed me to track all the “Data Usage” all over the Gold Coast and it has been working extremely well.

A few things I like:

In the Settings in the App it allows you to set warnings for “Daily”, “Weekly” and “Monthly” so when you go over the limit it will show you a warning saying you have gone over you “Daily” Weekly” or “Monthly” usage.

When you press a pin any where on the map it tells you how much you have downloaded over “WiFi” and “Cellular”.

Look at the current Day, Week, Month and it logs each day accordingly and shows you current and past usage.

If you want to keep track of your “Data Usage” I would recommend that you give DataMan a try it’s $1.99 in the App Store.

I give this App

Here are some snapshots of the App you should get some better ones of the “Warnings” on the App Store more so when you set it up for yourself.

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