Reserve Your Windows 10 Copy

I noted this morning when I woke up and jumped onto my PC after getting some breakfast a little Windows Logo in the Task Bar next to the Clock.

Clicking on it brings up a Window saying Get Windows 10.

Going through the Screens you will see things like “You’re Already An Expert” explaining why etc then there’s the others “Designed For Speed & Ease” and so on explaining a little about Upgrading and Getting Windows 10 when it is ready for Download.

The very last screen gives you the chance to Signup using your Email Address to get notification that Windows 10 is ready for download in the mean time the Application will download the Windows 10 Upgrade and give you the chance to install right away or wait.

I don’t know about you but I will be waiting for a lot of the issues that may arise to be fixed as games will not be ready for Windows 10 just yet so I would suggest holding off on this.

If your a gamer then you know really well to NOT upgrade to the Latest OS until support and updates for games come out supporting the newest Windows OS Platform.

Here are the screen shots..


CoolerMaster HAF 932 Mod

I picked up a CoolerMaster HAF 932 a while back and so I decided to do some modding to the case.

I started with the Front Grill that hid the 220mm fan that cools the 500GB HDD also drawing I cool air.

The original colour is Black and it was kind of boring for me even though it site under my desk I sometimes go to LAN Parties for games etc and so I changed the colour to Red.

The tools I used is a Ozito Dremel a very handy tool for doing things like this a grinding stone and a small round Sand paper to clean it right up.

I also picked up some Primer and Red Paint.

Once the Black original paint was removed and sanded back to the original metal finish I sprayed it with the primer leaving that for the day I went back to it and sprayed it with the red paint and I am very happy with the look. Continue reading

Website Scare

Recently (last night) my Blog and other websites went down!!

Come to find that the server had severely crashed so a new server had to be brought in to fix the problem and restore all accounts back to normal.

Well I’m glad it’s now back to normal now and so everything is good to go 😀

If your looking for a hosting company with a passion to give you great service and top notch support check out Digitalhost @

Thanks to Nicholas and the Team for there hard work and dedication to there customers and getting me back online again asap.


Work PC Transplant

If you are wondering what I am talking about have a look at this page (PC Stats).

In recent times I had found that my Work PC HDD’s were running anywhere from 45-55ºC which wasn’t a good thing and so I got myself a Silverstone PS04B Black which has a Xigmatek XLF-F1252 120MM Fan (Extra Purchase) which now cools the 2x 250GB (Seagates) and 1x 60GB (Western Digital) drives which now run around the 37ºC which is a lot better.

I did a load of looking for video reviews on this case but really could not find any about this case which was a real pain in the butt and any reviews I did find weren’t that good. Continue reading