Reserve Your Windows 10 Copy

I noted this morning when I woke up and jumped onto my PC after getting some breakfast a little Windows Logo in the Task Bar next to the Clock.

Clicking on it brings up a Window saying Get Windows 10.

Going through the Screens you will see things like “You’re Already An Expert” explaining why etc then there’s the others “Designed For Speed & Ease” and so on explaining a little about Upgrading and Getting Windows 10 when it is ready for Download.

The very last screen gives you the chance to Signup using your Email Address to get notification that Windows 10 is ready for download in the mean time the Application will download the Windows 10 Upgrade and give you the chance to install right away or wait.

I don’t know about you but I will be waiting for a lot of the issues that may arise to be fixed as games will not be ready for Windows 10 just yet so I would suggest holding off on this.

If your a gamer then you know really well to NOT upgrade to the Latest OS until support and updates for games come out supporting the newest Windows OS Platform.

Here are the screen shots..


A New Era


This year started off really well with the prospects of starting a course Cert III in Logistics and Forklift License it was a crazy 4 weeks of cramming study and paper work ARGH lol.

Anyway the best thing about it all is that I passed everything and the best part was the class only had 5 guys but we all had a blast and a good laugh and had an awesome teacher.

Everyone in my class passed all 5! of us which I think is just amazing! so very impressed with all the guys with all the hard work they put in. Also very happy with myself and all the hard work put in.

So now I am on the hunt for work and hopefully all goes well and I will have a job very very soon.

If you are wanting something new and exciting I would highly recommend going for your Cert III in Logistics and Forklift Ticket it’s Government Funded so why not trying something new and different.

Give Careers Australia a go they are amazing and have such a great team.

Quadlock Phone Case

If you are looking for a protective case with heaps of options like me you will love the Quadlock Case for your Phone.

I am someone who likes to make sure that his phone is Secure and Safe. The one thing I really like is that the inside is lined with felt so it’s not so harsh on the back of your phone like some cases are.

Quadlock Case is one such product that does just that and so much more.

With the Quadlock Case not only is your Phone Protected very well you have so many different mounting options available as well. And the best thing about it is that you don’t have to change cases to use each mount it’s Universal!!! meaning it works with all the mounting hardware with the one case :). Continue reading

Loot Crate

I signed up to Loot Crate a while ago now and it has been great fun opening up to see some awesome surprises like t-shirts, figurines etc.

Loot Crate is for the Geeks and Gamers alike and you will have fun getting into the box and seeing what awesome stuff you get.

Ok so I thought I would post what I got in my Loot Crate Box and here it is…

Item 1 – LootCrate Official Member Card (WooHoo)
Item 2 – Badge saying Loot Crate May 2014 – Adventure
Item 3 – Adventure Time Figurine (Jake) in a Adventure Time Tin (Lumpy Space Princess)
Item 4 – Markiplier Tattoos
Item 5 – Captain Sparkles Stickers
Item 6 – Mincraft Figurine (Cow haha lol)
Item 7 – Markiplier Curator Sticker Set
Item 7 – A t-Shirt that looks like Zelda on it with all sorts of words
Item 8 – A CD called Friends Zone which is kinda funny given it’s title lol

I will add some photos of everything that I got woohoo can’t wait to see what comes in next months Loot Crate

Weird Eyes

This is a really a one off thing haha might go for all phones lol.

Anyway make your eyes go blurry (very easy for me lol) and with your phone (mines the iPhone 5S) twist the phone side to side while doing it in a circular motion.

Watch as the icons move lol it’s down right freaky at first lol but I had a laugh haha.